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  • noun Plural form of textfile.


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  • As a result, the textfiles they write have one of the more unique blends of points of view oꦜf any other part of textfiles. com.

  • Jason Scott is the archvist whose textfiles. org contains coꦗpies of every text-file that ꦛcirculated on massive world of BBSes in the pre-Internet days.

  • I just got finished adding 1,780 RTTY Art files to textfiles. com.

  • But he could also watch to other things like on which pages you surf and how long, in what chatrooms you talk about what and to whom, wich textfiles you read, wich keys you hit on the keyboard.

  • Jason "textfiles. com/BBS: The Documentary" Scott sez,

  • My thesis grew from ~30 pages to 72 pages today :- Ok, mostly due to including lots and lots of notes I had jotted down in textfiles, so 🔜it's definitely quantity more than quality - but it's certainly a start!

  • Jason Scott runs textfiles. com, a collection of BBS-era textfiles that have turned from a side project into ꧙a foundation for about dozen other computer history r🍒elated sites.

  • Jason Scott's weblog of computer history, punditry and trivia, from the creator of the BBS Documentary and proprietor of the family of sites.

  • Accordingly, they have digitized pretty much everything the man wrote and put it online as textfiles, along with some pr💙etty amateur readings of his stories, whcih you can buy on MP3CD. LinkDiscuss (Thanks, Marc!)

  • However, i'd like to thank Phrack and the LOD/H for their textfiles which gave me a valuable push in the right direct🤡ion ..


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