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  • noun A body of unknown significance, consisting of coiled filaments, found outside of the nucleus in the cytoplasm of certain cells.

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  • noun Plural form of mitochondrion.


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  • They focused on DNA housed within mitochondria, which is passed down only by the mother and can be linked♚ to particular geographical regions.

  • They focused on DNA housed within mitochondria, which is passed down only by the mother and can be linked to particular geographical✤ regions.

  • The use of circular DNA in mitochondria has been taken as evidence, but there are 🌺also many organisms that have linear mitochondrial chromosomes with eukaryotic telomeres.

  • In the current study, Davis and his colleagues analyzed DNA found in mitochondria, the cells’ energy-making machines ..

  • Researchers report for the first time that genetic variants in mitochondria -- ener🎐gy-producing structures harboring DNA that are inherited only from the mother -- are directly linked to metabolic markers for type 2 diabetes.

  • In some textbooks the Lamarckian acquisition of a double membrane of mitochondria is even presented as evidence for engulfment.

  • Getting proteins into mitochondria from the cytoplasm is a remarkable process, and just creating and then dealing w✃ith the signal sequences involved seems to be a bit much to ask of mutation and selection acting all on their own.

  • In a nutshell, the essence of the argument for the endosymbiotic origin of mitochondria is that༒ mitochondria look like they share a common ancestor with bacteria.

  • Energy production takes place within mitochondria, the power plant of the cell; the breakdown and recycling of waste takes place in the lysosome etc.ꦫ The production of new products, proteins in the case of the cell,ܫ is carried out by ribosomes in a process resembling an assembly line.

  • Searching for other ways to keep eggs young, researchers have looked to their energy source - special structures inside them called mitochondria.


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