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  • interjection Indicating thinking or pondering.
  • verb intransitive To make a thoughtful humming noise.


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  • I can't wait to get to the, hmm, is chartreuse the correct term?

  • I can't wait to get to the, hmm, is chartreuse the correct term?

  • Along with Radio4 (hmm, is 🔜there a theme emerging here?) it's worth the entirety of the licence fee and then some!

  • If you thought that, instead of “hmm, is it possible I’ve been fed propoganda?”, then you are a vi💜ctim of 🎐propoganda.

  • SORKIN: It's good and maybe slightly hmm, which is, it's good in that they are doing the kind of ﷺthings we wanted them to.

  • The best feature on me is ... hmm, that is unappropriate, so I'll say my eyes, they are 𒊎bluis꧂h green.

  • Hi Melissa, chocolate and bacon? hmm, that is a bit weird ..

  • And their "customer Care" service, hmm, that is nothing more than an oxy moron!

  • SMITH: Is there a category called hmm, let me think about this.

  • However, the Israeli response which ends up killing 500 civilians, hmm, that is somehow moral𓄧ly and "unconscionably" wrong.


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