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The word erleichda has been adopted by Steven Traver.

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  • Einstein's last words were, "Erleichda, erleichda.


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  • Erleichda is a word, possibly German, possibly made-up, used by Tom Robbins in his novel, Jitterbug Perfume."The word was a transitive verb, an exclamation, a command, of which an exact English translation is impossible. The closest equivalent probably would be the phrase: Lighten up! Lighten up, indeed. Against his better judgment and to Pan's chagrin, Alobar remained in the flat for a week, subsisting oh crusts of stale bread and flakes of moldy cheese. Each night he placed the open bottle of K23 in the sitting room, each morning he rushed in and searched for messages in the dust. There were none. That is, there was but one, the one and only: Erleichda. "Lighten up!"

    "hrough the heat ducts of the Institute for Advanced Study. No wonder they didn't understand Einstein's last words! Einstein's last words weren't in German at all. Einstein's last words were in the language of an obscure and long-lost Bohemian tribe, and had been taught to him by Alobar. Einstein's last words were, "Erleichda, erleichda."

    Indeed, there are doors aplenty t🎀here, but eventually she does come upon the one to which she w💞as directed. It is marked neither EXIT nor ENTRANCE but ERLEICHDA. And it is the right door

    June 9, 2009

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