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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

  • intransitive verb To conceive or fashion in the mind; invent.
  • intransitive verb To formulate a plan for; devise.
  • intransitive verb To make a graphic or schematic representation of (something), especially as a plan for its structure.
  • intransitive verb To create or contrive for a particular purpose or effect.
  • intransitive verb To have as a goal or purpose; intend.
  • intransitive verb To make or execute plans.
  • intransitive verb To create designs.
  • noun A drawing or sketch.
  • noun A graphic representation, especially a detailed plan for construction or manufacture.
  • noun An ornamental pattern. synonym: figure.
  • noun The purposeful or inventive arrangement of parts or details.
  • noun A particular plan or method: synonym: plan.
  • noun The art or practice of designing or making designs.
  • noun A reasoned purpose; an intent.
  • noun Deliberate intention.
  • noun A secretive or underhanded plot or scheme.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • To draw the outline or figure of, especially of a proposed work of art; trace out; sketch, as a pattern or model.
  • To plan or outline in general; determine upon and mark out the principal features or parts of, as a projected thing or act; plan; devise.
  • To contrive for a purpose; project for the attainment of a particular end; form in idea, as a scheme.
  • To devote to mentally; set apart in intention; intend.
  • To purpose; intend; mean: with an infinitive as object: as, he designs to write an essay, or to study law.
  • To mark out by tokens; indicate; point out; designate; appoint.
  • To signify.
  • To do original work in a graphic or plastic art; compose a picture, or make an original plan, as an architect, a landscape-gardener, or an inventor.
  • To invent.
  • To set out or start, with a certain destination in view; direct one's course.
  • noun A drawing, especially in outline or little more; any representation made with pencil, pen, or brush.
  • noun A plan or an outline in general; any representation or statement of the main parts or features of a projected thing or act; specifically, in architecture, a plan of an edifice, as represented by the ground-plans, elevations, sections, and whatever other drawings may be necessary to guide its construction.
  • noun Artistic invention in drawing or sculpture; the practical application of artistic principles or exercise of artistic faculties; the art of designing.
  • noun The arrangement or combination of the details of a picture, a statue, or an edifice.
  • noun A scheme or plan in the mind; purpose; intention; aim.
  • noun Specifically An intention or a plan to act in some particular way; a project; especially, in a bad sense, a plan to do something harmful or illegal: commonly with upon.
  • noun Contrivance; adaptation of means to a preconceived end: as, the evidence of design in a watch.
  • noun The purpose for which something exists or is done; the object or reason for something; the final purpose.
  • noun Synonyms Drawing, outline, draft, delineation.
  • noun Project, Scheme, etc. (see plan, n.), intent, aim, mark, object.
  • noun Specifically, in music, either the melodic pattern, the harmonic process, or the rhythmic and metric form adopted in composition, by which a particular work or a class of works is made coherent and characteristic. In the evolution of artistic music the principles of design have been but slowly perceived and established.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • transitive verb To draw preliminary outline or main features of; to sketch for a pattern or model; to delineate; to trace out; to draw.
  • transitive verb To mark out and exhibit; to designate; to indicate; to show; to point out; to appoint.
  • transitive verb To create or produce, as a work of art; to form a plan or scheme of; to form in idea; to invent; to project; to lay out in the mind.
  • transitive verb To intend or purpose; -- usually with for before the remote object, but sometimes with to.
  • intransitive verb To form a design or designs; to plan.
  • intransitive verb [Obs.] to intend to go to.
  • noun A preliminary sketch; an outline or pattern of the main features of something to be executed, as of a picture, a building, or a decoration; a delineation; a plan.
  • noun A plan or scheme formed in the mind of something to be done; preliminary conception; idea intended to be expressed in a visible form or carried into action; intention; purpose; -- often used in a bad sense for evil intention or purpose; scheme; plot.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

[Middle English designen, from Latin dēsignāre, to designate; see designate.]

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Old French designer, from Latin designare ("to mark out, point out, describe, design, contrive"), from de- (or dis-) + signare ("to mark"), from signum ("mark").


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  • He says that, even though in practice inferring design is the firs💞t step in identifying an intelligent agent, taken by ෴itself _design does not require that such an agent be posited.

  • He says that, even though in practice inferring design is the first step 🦩in identifying an intelligent agent, taken by itself _design does not require that such an a♏gent be posited.

  • Every fragment of life has its completing part somewhere, given its place in the scheme of the universe by intricate design -- always by _design!

  • "Professor Haeckel maintains," says Mr. Wallace, "_that the struggle for existence in nature evolves new forms without design, just as the will ofꦏ man produces new varieties in cultivation with design_."

  • The inference of intelligence from marks of design in nature is not one of analogy, but of strict and proper _induction_; and accordingly we must either deny that there are marks of _design_ in nature, thereby discarding the _analogy_, or do violence to our own reason by resisting the fundamental law of causality, thereby discarding the inductive 🐠inference.

  • It may be how the Nu Gundam is a very solid design in the first place, making the converted Rebornnu Gundam loo▨king more attractiveﷺ now than the original Reborns Gundam, in Gundam 00 style mecha design~

    Anime Nano!

  • Harness PLM for CATIA, transforms the wiring diagrams to harness design• process of designing electrical harnesses The topology modules in SEE Electrical by leveraging the power of CATIA to For more ✃information: www. Harness allow users to generate and significaꦿntly reduce cycle times.

  • My reverend friend is wrong in supposing that I admit DESIGN, and yet refuse to admit the force of the _design argument_, "On the supposition, then, that _law and order_ are manifestations of _design_, the design argument might be valid and conclus𒈔ive: but" _no conceivable order_ "could prove the existence of God; why?

  • It's not often, after all, that a "new" whisky is a painstaking recreation, from flavor down to the label design, of a wh༒isky that was buried i🌊n ice for a full century by the great Antarctic explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton.

  • Other wineries have used crowd sourcing for things like naming a wine or choosing a label design, but not to decide on things like which strain of yeast or how far apart the ro꧟llers are on the grape crush🌼er.


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