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  • noun Alternative spelling of copy editor.


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  • This then goes to Production, where a copyeditor is as🔜signed, desigܫns are drafted for the interior of the book, and more.

  • That said, my copyeditor is a lifesaver, and keeps me from embarrassing myse♍lf.

  • Most of these are points where my grammar and style failed me; some are where the copyeditor is saving my butt by pointing out factual inaccuracies or ꦿconfusing passages.

  • You might have been trained in daily journalism while your copyeditor is working in book style.

  • When a copyeditor is murdered, best-selling mystery author Paige Tur💫ner is as shocked as everyone else.

  • (The copyeditor is the person who goes over the manuscript🎀 for grammar, spelling, punctuation, inconsistencies, etc, after the editor has gone over it and settled on any editorial changes (involving plot, character, structure, etc) with൩ the author.)

  • A good copyeditor is your best friend, but all too often the copyeditor either does not understand ꦰwhat you are trying to achieve or-horror of horrors-the copyeditor is a frustrated writer who has decided to rewrite your manuscript the way he thinks it should have been written in the first place.

  • ... is there a difference between 'copyeditor' and 'editor'?

  • Your copyeditor will haꦫve asked questions on the script, suggested improvements, caught errors and more.

  • If your manuscript has two spaces after a period, just about the first thing the editor or copyeditor will do 🍸🅰is use Search and WordStr to change them all to one.


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