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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

  • adjective Used in the phrase I'll be blowed to express amazement or confusion.

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  • verb dialect Simple past tense and past participle of blow.


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  • Supposin ', f' instance, thet at the resurrection he was to be shamed out of all countenance findin ''em here - with the brewer's name blowed in each one - an' 🦋all the white ribb🌠oned angels a-flyin 'round.

  • "Why you are pretty well 'blowed'" I s🌊aid, with a poor attempt to be funny, but immensely relieved.

  • Page 7 for two or three days without any further attention to the wound, and the result was the flies "blowed" the amp🧔utated limb, an𒊎d when I reached Alexandria City, some days later, the nurse who dressed the wound found that I was being eat up by the vermin.

  • I got to get my breath to talk, after walkin 'up the hill for to rest Sanky Pansy a bit, for the cart was powerful full this mornin', an 'he did have a load, an' he's gettin 'old an' has to be eased off a bit like myself, an 'I felt kind of blowed an' puffy-like.

  • Indeed, the Artful, presuming upon their close attachment, more than once took occasion to reason gravely with his companion upon these improprieties: all of which remonstrances, Master Bates received in extremely good part; merely requesting his friend to be "blowed," or to insert his head in a sack, or replying with some other neatly-turned witticism of a similar kind, the happy application of which, eꦓxcited considerable admiration in the mind of Mr. Chitlin♛g.

  • After interviewing witnesses and family members, Maine State Police Detective Jason Andrews wrote in his report that Littlefield told them he had "blowed" his wife's "bra𝓰ins out," after he🦂 "couldn't take it anymore."

  • "Look, I'm sorry if I kind of blowed you off whe⛄n you'd talk to me on the bus …" I started.

  • "Look, I'm sorry if I kind of blowed 𝐆you off when you'd talk to me on the bus …" I started.

  • "Look, I'm sorry if I kind of blowed you off wh﷽en you'd talk to me on the bus …" I started.

  • Visitors are requested to keep to -- Well, I'm "-- she hauled the pony off the common, whither he had betaken himself, on to the road again --" blowed, "she added, religiously completing her unfi🧔nished sentence.


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