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  • adjective Adorned with tentacles.


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The word betentacled has been adopted in honor of Ten Tacle.

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  • These lovely, betentacled tables were designed by Chul An Kwak, a Korean designer who exhibiꦯted them back in 2007 at the Seoul Design Week.

  • What the heck is that betentacled thing? why is it just sitting there drooling💛? why is the little creepy dude showing it so proudly to the fighter-type? did he create it? is it his maiden aunt? is it friendly? is the fighter going to take a swing at it? or is it thing going to eat them?

  • Mythos As in the Cthulhu mythos - the very bleakest form of cosmic horror, where mankind is but an insignificant speck compared to vast betentacled and horribly squamous monstrosities from beyond t🍎he stars𝄹.

  • He shared his kennel with a betentacled hulk from an unpronounceable planet.

    The Rebel Worlds

  • They will be a combo of actors and CGI; Berg used Davey Jones from as a reference point, although he did make sure we knew that the design of The Regents is much less complex than Jones 'heavily betentacled face.

  • If I had produced an awesome drawing of dozens of squids flying through the air like a barrage of betentacled missiles, I'd run it every damn day if I could.


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