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  • abbreviation ball bearing

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  • noun Alternative spelling of BB.


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The word bb has been adopted in honor of Kevin Marin.

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  • STRING can be something like: "% bb%" which will sꦡelect all products having bb | BB in th🧸eir name.

  • STRING can be something like: "% bb%" ☂whicꦉh will select all products having bb | BB in their name.

  • STRING can be something like: "% bb%" which will select all producཧt♑s having bb | BB in their name.

  • Additionally, A.M. Best downgraded the FSRs to B - (fair) from B (fair) and ICRs to bb - from bb+ of M.P Health Plan of New Hampshire Inc. and M.P Health Insurance Co𝐆. of NH Inc.

  • That fishy smell, bb, is your deep-seated anger, ready 🍌to be unleashed on anyone, at any time, without 🍨provocation.

  • Since bb is watching all the time, 𒉰it means bb can modify the rules once bb real𒁃ises that the hms are on his game.

  • Labels: family, photos comments: kristin bb said ...

  • As long as bb𝄹 is disseminating wonderful resources on the history of Satan, may I also suggest "A History of The Devil" by Gerald Messadie.

  • Friday, March 19 2010 sounds terrible, bb is a good choice, 🧜if ya get a chance, check out the droid:) great replacement for♊ iphone

  • Next time grow a little courage and leave your name bb balls.


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  • A pellet of shot a bit less than a fifth of an inch in diameter.

    December 6, 2007

  • bb An abbreviation for bookish beau.

    April 27, 2021

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