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  • noun In Greek antiquity, the priestess who held communion with Apollo and received his oracles in the inner sanctuary of the great temple at Delphi, throughout historic antiquity. See oracle.
  • noun In conchology: A genus of gastropods of the family Auriculidæ, generally called Scarabus.
  • noun A genus of bulimiform shells, comprising species of Achatina, Bulimus, Glandina, etc.

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  • proper noun The priestess of Pythian Apollo, the Oracle of Delphi

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  • noun (Greek mythology) the priestess of Apollo at Delphi who transmitted the oracles


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Greek Πυθία, from Πυθώ+-ία.


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  • “Not high enough to give me the title of Pythia, no matter how hard I worked.”

  • And she’d made no secret of the fact she wanted the title of Pythia.

  • “She thinks you’re competition for the title of Pythia.”

  • Like you said, the Pythia is a pretty determined bitch.

  • Tara appreciated the fire aspect of it the Pythia wa✨s a pyromancer, after all, but thoug🎉ht the small, tippy chair looked terribly uncomfortable.

  • Young woman called Pythia 𒐪sniffed these vapors a𒆙nd uttered sheer gibberish, which the priests then interpreted to answer the questions of visitors.

    Question Quest

  • Young woman called Pythia sniffed these vapors and uttered sheer gibberish, which the priests then interpreted to an🏅swer the questions of visitors.

    Question Quest

  • The Pythia waౠs a stu꧟pid old woman, saving when she sat upon the tripod.

  • The priestess who delivered the oracles was called the Pythia, after the serpent Python, whic𝔉h was killed by Apollo.

  • The Castalian fountain still gushes out at the bottom, into a large square enclosure, called the Pythia's Bath, and now choked up with mud, weeds, an🥃d stones.


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