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The word Momsy has been adopted in honor of Pkh.

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  • Cried to Kathy (Harmony's mother) who I've decided to start calling 'Momsy'.

  • "Don't worry, Momsy," he said, using his childhood name for her.

  • I read your post to Momsy who's dealing with the same gray woes.

  • I imagine a mother as a woman who, first and foremost, possesses a great deal of tact, especially toward her adolescent children, and not one who, like Momsy, pokes fun at me when I cry.

    The Diary Of A Young Girl

  • Before I came here, when I didn't think about things as much as I do now, I occasionally had the feeling that I didn't belong to Momsy, Pim and Margot and that I would alwaysꦉ be an out🌞sider.

    The Diary Of A Young Girl

  • "I don't think Momsy will allow anything of that sort," returned

  • Momsy took her wonted interest in so ♑appealing a child.

  • "Well, if Mr.. Momsy -- Or is it Mr. Momsy, I dunno?"

  • Jessie had really thought that she and Daddy and Momsy were very popular peop๊le, and she had innocently congratulated🌃 herself upon that fact.

  • When Momsy told her how the ladies of the bazaar committee had praised Jessie's thoughtfulness and ingenuity in supplying t🃏he radio entertainment, she forgot Belle Ringold's jealousy and went cheerfully to work to help clear up the grounds and the house.


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