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What’s SAE Standards And How It Is Important?
Mar 22, 2017

SAE is a non-profit educational and scientific organization dedicated to advancing mobility technology to better serve humanity. Over 90,000 engineers and scientists, who are SAE members, develop technical information on all forms of self-propelled vehicles including automobiles, trucks and buses, off-highway equipment, aircraft, aerospace vehicles, marine, rail, and transit systems. SAE disseminates this information through its meetings, books, technical papers, magazines, standards, reports, professional development programs, and electronic databases.
Today’s SAE standards and related programs serve every aspect of industry—from design/integrate to build/manufacture to operate/maintain in both the commercial and military sectors—worldwide. SAE is committed to providing…and partnering to provide…the globally harmonized solutions needed for the future of the mobility industry.
SAE standards are internationally recognized for their role in helping ensure the safety, quality, and effectiveness of products and services across the mobility engineering industry. The more than 10,000 standards in the SAE database now include historical standards, and can be accessed through one of the targeted solutions below.

Sanmak new light such as directional LED warning light SM7001 and LED beacon has been certified SAE. You will not worried to sell it or use in USA market.
From http://standards.sae.org/commercial-vehicle/

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