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Sanmak 2016 TAIPEI AMPA
May 25, 2016
Sanmak has attend TAIPEI AMPA which had been successfully concluded on April 9th,2016. A large number of
customers and experts from all over the world visit our booth and share ideas about market information.
With superior  quality and cost-effectiveness, Sanmak's vehicle LED light have induce most customers' interest
and won reputation from our old customers.
What do we get from the show?
1.We have enough new launched-uniqued lights attracting a lot of customers.
2.The Automotive giants from around the world left their mark on Sanmak's booth.
3.We gather the update information in LED markets from customers around the world..
4.We definitely know what customers worry about or pay more attention to.
Do you gonna to know how can Sanmak be trusted by the customers ?
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Tel :+86-757-81248088