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LED Work Light What Is The Material
Aug 30, 2017

LED has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, long life, low power consumption, low heat, high brightness, waterproof, miniature, shockproof, easy dimming, light beam concentration, easy maintenance and so on. Development, technology continues to improve and improve the application of the field of increase, LED light performance is also rising, the cost began to decline. LED in all areas of use will become a big trend. LED lights are widely automotive industry, the common LED work lights, LED off-road headlights, LED lights, LED car lights and so on. LED response speed, you can reduce the car rear-end accident. LED is actually an electroluminescent semiconductor chip, fixed with a fixed glue to the bracket, then use the gold wire to connect the chip and circuit board, and then sealed with epoxy resin, the maximum protection of the internal core, and finally install the shell, so LED work lights have good seismic performance. LED work lamp shell material quality directly affect the life of LED work lights, is the market commonly used led lamp using aluminum mostly. Advantages of aluminum alloy:

1. Surface treatment process is mature, such as anodizing, electrophoresis, and retain good thermal conductivity

2. Organization is relatively dense, strength and hardness are high, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance;

3. High dimensional accuracy

4. Good temperature performance, led lamp beads performance optimization of the advantages of thermal plastic:

1. Lighting structure design freedom, can give full play to convection heat

2. conducive to processing molding, eliminating the secondary processing

3. safe and lightweight

4. Insulation is good, the overall cost is low

5. Strong thermal radiation

6. The use of thermal conductivity of plastic led work lights cheaper than the aluminum alloy

In accordance with the needs of the industry point of view, led work light material using aluminum alloy in the material market, the momentum will continue for some time, and with the development of LED lighting technology, total demand there is an upward trend. But with the LED chip and packaging technology updates, people on the lighting safety performance requirements of increasing, in many thermal materials, such as thermal plastic plastic with good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties in one application will become a New trend. In the future LED work light thermal plastic radiator will gradually replace the aluminum radiator to become mainstream.