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LED Work Light Features
Oct 30, 2017

LED work lights are used in a variety of construction site, mine operations, machinery and equipment maintenance repair, accident handling and rescue work and other large-scale work, high-brightness lighting of a lamp, referred to as work lights.

First, LED work lights application range

Car lights, truck lights, off-road lights, mechanical lights, agricultural machinery, ambulance lights, engineering lights, logging lights, mining locomotive lights, forklift lights, coal mine lights, snow car lights, hunting vehicles Lights, armored lights, tank lights and other automotive lighting and mining, patrol, rabbits and other special or mobile lighting and other large-scale construction site.

Second, LED work lights product features

1, LED lamp beads: the use of regular 45MIL wafer chip package, high power LED1W or 3W;

2, high light intensity: 180LM / 3W.

3, high color temperature: LED light bead material is generally around 7000K, while the traditional halogen lamp maximum temperature is only 3500K, light partial dark yellow;

4, the scope of application: the use of a unique glass technology, condenser surface can be used for fog lights, auxiliary lighting; flood light can be used for work lights, engineering lights, customers determine the use of the required products, select the corresponding mirror, To achieve the best performance;

5, LED vehicle work lights, maintenance lights products based on the forefront of the industry, leading the industry trend, the whole product modeling unique, some products with originality and forward-looking, and effectively solve the high-power LED cooling and light attenuation problem, reasonable selection, stability Good, high degree of technology, beautiful and practical.

Third, the impact of LED work lights brightness and service life reasons

The actual lighting effect and service life of the LED work lights are largely dependent on the excellent structural design, the cover and the shell material, the excellent structural design and the good shell material determines the thermal function of the LED work light, the same power and Brightness is proportional to the relationship between the higher the higher the brightness, but the higher the power also means that the temperature will be high, so the cooling function of the lamp is particularly important, if the LED lamp cooling effect is not ideal, then will directly affect the LED work lights Life, (LED lamp beads in a long time in high temperature work will lead to LED lamp pearl light to speed up).

led work lights advantages and advantages

1. Energy efficient - LED lights are now able to output 135 lumens / watt, low heat and high brightness

2. Long life -led work lights If the design of the appropriate life of more than 30,000 hours,

3. Rugged - led lamp used also known as "solid state lighting (SSL) because they do not have filament or bubble break made of solid material

4. No warm-up period - LED start light to start time to light - in nanoseconds, incandescent light response time in milliseconds

5. Free from the cold temperature - LED work lights "like" low temperature environment, the weather below zero can also be used normally

6. Environmental protection - LED work lights do not contain mercury or other harmful substances

7. Controllable - LED work light brightness and light color is controllable