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LED Work Light Energy Saving And Environmental Protection
Oct 13, 2017

The stage work lamp does not have the related standard, the basis, the author through the theater construction practice, as well as to the theater management, the use aspect teacher consults, LED Work Light summarizes a set of functional localization saying, asks the teacher, LED Work Light the colleague criticizes.

The so-called white light work lamp's formulation is not accurate, its function is the stage illumination lamp which is not the performance time, the definition is the stage function area illumination light is more accurate. Covers the main stage, the rear stage, the side stage, the other position auxiliary space and the illumination, each layer of the pavement illumination, the stage above the screen top space illumination, the stage below each layer space illumination, the slap room, the chasing light room, the surface light bridge space illumination.

Since the definition of lighting lamps, reference standards are relatively easy, divided into channel lighting and work area lighting two kinds. General channel illumination, there are no relevant standards for the construction of the gb50034-2013, and it is suggested that reference should be made to the standard of architectural lighting design in 5.3.5, "hotel building lighting standard value" in the room level corridor illuminance standards, greater than the LX, the work area lighting, involving the installation, LED Work Light and even the installation of the scene Should refer to gb50034-2013 "Architectural lighting design standards" in 5.3.4, "the standard value of the view of architectural lighting" in the rehearsal illuminance standard, greater than the LX.

Main stage, back stage, side stage, the stage above the various levels of Ma DAO, controlled by the integrated Control Panel, in the stage lighting control room, stage supervision, theater managers and other positions to set up a comprehensive control panel. The main stage above the top of the one or two-layer gate, LED Work Light behind the stage grid top, each layer of Ma Dao, under the platform of each layer of space, chasing light room, surface light Bridge in the above area main entrance to set up a linkage switch panel, control the corresponding area. The Slap chamber is provided with a switch panel at each layer entrance. This type of illumination does not require dimming.

Because this kind of illumination does not need to adjust the light, to the color index, the light stability does not have the strict request, LED Work Light just according to the general Illumination lamp request can. can be flexible use of a variety of light sources, in reality, in line with the principle of energy conservation and environmental protection, priority should be given to the use of energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, ceramic metal halide lamps, LED lights. Lamp selection to consider the glare control requirements, according to the lamp installation location to choose the type of lamps, high installation to LED lights, metal halide light source lighting, LED Work Light low to fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps mainly.