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LED Work Light Energy Saving
Sep 27, 2017

To achieve high level of waterproof is often completely airtight installation, which will lead to car led work light hot gas expansion problems at work, because the led work light lamps and lanterns of internal and external temperature deviation leading to produce pressure difference inside and outside, with led lights work after period of time, the temperature is reduced, after put out the light to produce negative pressure, sealing strip is affected by the negative pressure caused by the water.

According to the principle of thermodynamics, the air temperature rise every 1 ℃, and its volume expansion rate was 1/273, assuming an led work light fog had in 20 ℃ environment, turn on the light light before and after the cavity temperature about 80 ℃, can produce 1.28 atmospheres. When the lights go out the rain did not stop the process of lamps and lanterns under the erosion of rain water cooling, the lamp cavity temperature down sharply, to produce negative pressure forced waterproof glue or sealing glue under pressure from weak/thin in shape, will cause the LED work light force absorbed gas, airtight performance compared with the poor LED work light will directly from the various leakage place suction vapor, the process is inspiratory process, the suction location, and the size of the aperture size, precipitation, many factors influence, particularly for air tightness good lamps and lanterns is basic on the suction process water is leaking.

What is the material of LED lamp

Leds are also known As leds, compounds such As gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), etc. It is a semiconductor diode that converts electrical energy into light energy. LED energy saving, environmental protection, safety, long life, low power consumption, low heat, high brightness, waterproof, miniature, shockproof, easy to move light, concentrated beam, the advantages of convenient maintenance and so on can meet the demand of modern development, with the continuous development of LED lighting industry, technology constantly improve and perfect, the increase of the applicable field, the LED lighting performance has been improved, the cost prices began to fall. The use of LED in various fields is bound to be a big trend. LED lights are widely used in the automotive industry, LED lighting, LED suv headlights, LED long headlights, LED car lighting, etc. Fast LED response can reduce car rear-end accident. LED is an electroluminescent semiconductor chips, with fixed glue is fixed to the bracket, after the use of gold wire connection chip and circuit board, and then using epoxy resin sealed all round, the greatest degree protection of internal line core, final installation of the shell, so the LED working lamp light good seismic performance. LED lamp shell material quality directly affects the life of LED lamp, which is used in the market. Advantages of aluminum alloy:

1. The surface treatment process is mature, such as anodizing and electrophoresis, and retaining good thermal conductivity

2. Relatively dense tissue, high strength and hardness, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance;

3. High dimensional accuracy

4. Good temperature resistance, led lamp bead performance optimization conductive plastic:

1. High degree of freedom in the structure design of lamps, which can give full play to convection heat dissipation

2. It is good for processing, and it is saved from secondary processing

3. Safe and light

4. Good insulation and low overall cost

5. Strong thermal radiation ability

6. The use of led lamp with thermal conductive plastic is cheaper than aluminum alloy

According to the needs of the industry, led work light material use aluminum alloy material market in the dominating trend will continue for a period of time, and with the development of led lighting technology, aggregate demand and rising trend. However, as the LED chip and encapsulation technology updates, the performance requirements of lamps and lanterns of security is increasing day by day, in many thermal conductive materials, such as thermal conductivity of plastic has good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation materials application will become a new trend. In the future, LED lamp thermal conductive plastic radiator will gradually replace the aluminum radiator as the mainstream.