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LED Work Light Design Platform
May 26, 2017

LED Work Light Car cranes, crawler cranes, front cranes, stacker, paver, LED Work Light road roller, milling machine, fire truck, large excavator, rotary drilling rig, concrete tanker and other construction machinery and equipment outdoor lighting.

Based on ProE three-dimensional design platform, the 3D model of the luminaire is established and validated. Based on the FLOEFD thermal analysis software, the whole lamp is simulated by thermal simulation. To ensure the temperature of all electronic components within the product's product, LED Work Light so that it does not exceed the maximum temperature specified in the standard and specification under the working conditions.

The use of the world's top LED lamp bead manufacturers American Cree Company's Xlamp Xt-E lamp beads.

Xlamp Xt-E uses the latest generation of Cree silicon carbide based LED chip construction, can achieve higher luminous flux and efficacy, set up the efficacy, light extraction and quality of the new standards. Xt-E LED can accelerate the application of LED lighting, for White ($number K) up to 148 lumens per watt and 148 lumens, for warm white ($number K) up to 114 lumens per watt and 114 lumens.

The driving power supply adopts the most stable and most efficient switch constant current drive mode, so that the current of the LED lamp bead is not changed by the external power supply voltage, environmental temperature changes, as well as the influence of the LED parameter discreteness, from the realization of the driving current constant, give full play to the excellent characteristics of LED, the drive also designed to short-circuit protection, reverse protection, overpressure protection, overheating protection and other functions.

Machine tool working light since the advent because of its high brightness and energy-saving and be people with relish, but things always exist two sides, there is good bad. Although some lack, but the LED machine tool work lamp so many advantages, under the technology development, LED Work Light will certainly overcome all the lack, and then after all replace now use halogen tungsten bubble and incandescent machine tool lamp. Single bulb power is low, in order to achieve large power, a number of several may be used in parallel in dozens of, in order to achieve the required role. The color index is lower, that is, what you see under the bulb is not incandescent maybe halogen tungsten lamp so really, there is divergence, easy to form visual error and judgment error, in the mechanical operation of the beginning of the use of the cent feel very uncomfortable. Machine tool working light bulb life can be up to 60,000, the recent one can continue to use 60 years of light bulb is to make the use of the light bulb more progress, and even more than the human stature. In addition to the long use of the length of the lamp, the efficiency of the light bulbs can not be ignored, it is more than the general halogen tungsten lamp running machine lamp and incandescent machine tool lights 80% at the mercy of the Lantern Festival. Because he is cold light, almost does not heat, so in the machine tool work light species narrow range will not be due to overheating and explosion. Other machine tool working light can accept the larger impulse, LED Work Light especially suitable for the use of mechanical equipment. It glows environmentally friendly and has no pollution.