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LED Warning Light Visual Is Better
Oct 23, 2017

1, the use of warning light place strong or weak light situation;

2, the signal transmission distance of the situation and the distance but requires a better visual situation;

3, even if the life is short, but also the economic situation and even if there is a price burden, LED Warning Light but the long life of the situation;

4, the surrounding environment is bad or shock, the impact of the strong situation and the surrounding environment more secure;

5, warning light source (light bulb), but a damage, which greatly affects the work or safety of the situation and the impact of less;

6, the use of the product and the convenience of maintenance;

Unique appearance: Kai Sheng strobe lights a total of red, yellow, LED Warning Light green, blue or red and blue colors can choose five colors, it uses double lamp shade of innovative design, making warning lights like gem section as more hierarchical, More ornamental.

More powerful LED light source: Kai Sheng strobe warning light using high-intensity LED light source, to the maximum degree of reduction of the use of electricity, making the use of the product up to 50,000 hours in the use of warning lights low power consumption Also reduced its heat, LED Warning Light Kai Sheng strobe warning light with double shade design, not only enhanced the warning light brightness, but also let it have a high strength, so that it can adapt to the extremely harsh environment. The design of its double shade also allows its light source to spread more widely, enhancing the visibility of the warning light, LED Warning Light so that it can play the greatest effect.

Human function: it also has LED rotation and flash function can choose, and some products can also add buzzer, so that the sound pressure level up to 95-100 dB.

1, good visibility. LED lights in the continuous light, rain, dust and other harsh weather conditions, can still maintain a good visibility and performance indicators. LED light is a single color light, LED light issued by the direction, and a certain divergence angle, LED Warning Light improve the light efficiency.

2, power saving. LED light source in the energy advantage is very obvious, one of its significant features is the low energy consumption, which is the application of the lamp is very meaningful. LED warning light is almost 100%, LED excitation energy to become visible light, compared to 80% of incandescent bulbs become heat loss, only 20% become visible light.

3, low heat. LED is directly from the electric energy into the light source, resulting in very low heat, almost no heat. LED warning light cooling the surface to avoid maintenance personnel burns, LED Warning Light and can get a longer life.

4, long life Lamp work environment is relatively poor, cold and heat, sun and rain, and thus the reliability of the higher requirements of the lamp. General LED average life is 100000h.

5, fast response. LED multi-layer warning light is the response time is fast, thus reducing the occurrence of the accident. As the LED traffic warning lights in the city traffic in the important role, every year a large number of LED warning lights need to be updated, LED Warning Light for the entire LED industry will also produce benign stimulation.

LED warning lights product advantages you understand it? Lighting is to meet people's needs through the external contact to achieve the best, the best experience, LED Warning Light and Zhejiang Kai Sheng Electric Co., Ltd. LED warning light design is to achieve the needs of people to meet the requirements of lighting, but also a bright black sky The