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LED Warning Light Use Stress
Sep 26, 2017

First of all, headlights, warning lights have to pay attention to the use. Driving in the country, when the vehicle next to the lane change the line "jump queue", LED Warning Light the driver will generally flash the way the headlamps warning lights variable line vehicles, LED Warning Light that hope to give priority to pass. In the UK, the meaning of "flashlight" is exactly the opposite, which means that the driver agrees to let other vehicles first. LED Warning Light Therefore, when you drive the vehicle need to be transferred to other lanes, the driver after pressing the turn signal through the rearview mirror to observe the lane after the reaction. If the car "flashing lights", LED Warning Light then the other side willing to let you "jump queue" variable line. "In general, in order to express the humble thanks to the car, the driver in front of the change after the end of the road to press the" double flash "(that is, warning lights) or lift the left hand to indicate the car.

Secondly, parking is learned. There are many paid parking spaces marked "P" in the streets of the United Kingdom that are "Pay and Display" (payment and display). LED Warning Light Owners in the parking must be pre-sentence their own parking time and self-charging machine to put coins to buy parking time. The opportunity to automatically print out a receipt showing the length of the permit. The owner shall place the receipt on the panel in the windshield to indicate that he has completed the payment (ie Display). LED Warning Light The parking lot manager will check the paid receipt of the parked vehicle from time to time, and if the vehicle windshield is found to have no payment receipt or the time for the parking lot exceeds the time allowed for the receipt, the vehicle can be punished.

Again, around the island and more rules. LED Warning Light Britain's crossroads use roundabout instead of traffic lights. Before entering the island, the vehicle must first stop and observe whether there is a vehicle from another road on the right side of the island (because the United Kingdom is driving on the right rudder and the vehicles on the island are clockwise). If a vehicle arrives from the right side of the island, LED Warning Light the driver must wait for the vehicle to pass through the island. At this point, the vehicle at the other intersection in front of the island will also allow you to give priority to traffic (for the other front of the clock in front of the vehicle, you are driving into the island is the right side of the car). LED Warning Light This ensures that vehicles in different directions can enter the roundabout in sequence and pass by, without blocking each other.

Finally, the signboard and vehicle units of measure are special. Road signs are all inch units. In measuring vehicle fuel consumption, use "MPG" (Miles Pe Gallon), that is, "miles per gallon of gasoline can be miles" as a unit, LED Warning Light rather than our common "100 km fuel consumption."