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LED Warning Light Use And Maintenance
Sep 27, 2017

LED warning lights are used in mechanical devices, roads, docks and other environments to display the corresponding operation of the lights in different colors. As in the road, the red light stops and the green light stops.

Luminescence options include: always bright, shiny, flash, often/shiny

Installation base includes: L rod, straight rod, folding, cylinder type

LED warning lamp structure

External: the top - lamp shell - 鉓 ring - another color lamp shell - base (for multilayer directly in the middle can)

Interior: connect each layer of light beads in series to the external light shell and then connect each layer of light beads in parallel to one of the poles

LED warning lamp advantage

LED lights produce less heat than traditional light sources and live longer than traditional bulbs

LED power 1 watt can replace the bulb eight watts, the use of the process is more energy efficient

Light effect: the visibility and direction of signal transmission distance using ambient light are made accordingly.

Sustainability: if there is any damage, it will greatly affect the work or safety in the process, and the long life warning light will be required.

Consistency: make appropriate selection according to the selected warning light and installation area.

Economy: according to the degree of affordable price, make corresponding choices.

Peripheral environment: to the surrounding environment (humidity, temperature, flammable explosive or strong vibration), make corresponding choices.

Functionality: according to the required signal functions, make corresponding choices.

Warning light is a kind of luminaire that can be used in a variety of environmental situations to light the alarm of a kind or several colors. Some warning lights also have audio components that can produce loud alarm sounds.

Light source and feature introduction of warning light

1 light bulb

According to the current through the resistance wire, the spiral tungsten filament is usually used and inert gas is injected into the bulb


The voltage is 10 percent lower than the rated voltage of the bulb, and the life span increases by four times, while the power consumption is reduced to 85 percent and reduced by about 30 percent

Using voltage increased by 10, life expectancy by 30%, power consumption increased by about 16% and brightness increased by about 40%. The standard life of a light bulb is about 1000-1500 hours

2 led

Light emitting diode is to use the call of the semiconductor luminous effect of solid state light emitting devices, as well as general semiconductor, LED by over voltage, ambient temperature and other factors affect service life, but you don't like the light bulb for filament slowly become volatile and fine, and there will be no mechanical wear and tear, so without the characteristics of the seismic structure can shock, vibration, and long service life. In addition, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of LED is high, which is the complex of energy saving and longevity

The xenon lamp can be fixed with seismic resistance and good seismic resistance. The spectrum of the xenon lamp is similar to that of the natural light, and the working mode is the same as the camera flash, so the visibility is extremely strong.

The application of warning lights

Warning lights, after years of development, application is very extensive, service in electric power, machinery, metallurgy, mining, security, transportation, water treatment, food, packaging, construction, ports, textile and other dozens of industries.

The selection of warning lights

According to the use purpose and working environment, the selection of warning light should mainly consider the following factors:

The brightness of the surrounding environment

Distance from the observation point

Light source life and cost of use

Use the noise level of the environment, the degree of pollution, and whether there is a strong vibration or impact

The impact of sudden problems such as light source damage on safety

Ease of use and maintenance

Different products should be chosen for different use and environmental characteristics, but maintenance convenience and economic sex should be considered in all situations.