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LED Warning Light The Role Of The Reminder
May 26, 2017

LED Warning Light, as the name suggests, plays a role of warning, generally used to maintain the safety of operations, effectively reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, but also to prevent potential insecurity. In general, warning lights are usually used in engineering vehicles, fire engines, emergency vehicles, prevention of management cars, road maintenance vehicles, tractors, emergency/vehicles, LED Warning Light machinery and equipment development.

In general, the warning light is according to the type and usefulness of the vehicle can provide a variety of length of the product, there is a shade combination of the construction, the need for the side direction of the lampshade can be combined with composite color. In addition, the warning lamp can be based on the different forms of light source, divided into: light bulb, LED flash, xenon lamp strobe, which led flash form is the form of light bulb upgrade version, longer life, more energy-saving, low heat.

What is the effect of using a warning light in these situations?

For example, for construction units, in the road construction should be required to light up the warning lights, especially in the evening the situation is unknown, LED Warning Light it is easy to cause some accidents, unfamiliar people are easy to stumble, but also cause traffic congestion, so set up a warning lamp is very necessary and must be.

Secondly, for the construction machinery is also the same, a long period of time in the process of the occasional problems are very common, in order to ensure safety, the warning lantern light, prompting the staff of mechanical failure, can be repaired. A good warning light can expand the visual range of the hazard alert and allow its staff to see the hint more clearly. So try to use a good performance warning light.

foldable telescopic Road cone, small size, easy to carry. LED Warning Light The cone uses the soft good waterproof reflective oxford cloth, and is equipped with the reflective belt, the base is PE (polyethylene material, the texture is light, soft, non-toxic). The top is equipped with a red flashing warning light (two-section No. 7th battery), flashing frequency (150 times/min). After the light, the whole road cone will be bright at night, the warning effect is very obvious, night or fog day effect is excellent.

It is applicable to the warning of temporary stopping and temporary protection of pavement operation in the vehicle.