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LED Warning Light The Role
Aug 30, 2017

Warning light from the literal meaning is a warning effect, in fact, is the warning from the role of reminders, we will inevitably encounter the car on the road anchor, in order not to let other cars hit, we will put a warning light next to As a warning, the role of warning lights can be more than these, the role of warning lights which?

The role of warning lights _ different scenes of the role

Construction unit

In the road construction should be lit when the warning lights, especially at night, the situation is unknown, it is easy to cause some accidents, unfamiliar people can easily be tripped, but also cause traffic congestion, so the establishment of warning lights is very It is necessary and necessary to act as a warning.

2. The car is on the road

It is common for occasional problems in the course of a long running, and in the case of parking on the road, in order to ensure safety, the driver needs to place a dangerous warning light in the vehicle Fujian to remind the vehicle to notice the front Add obstacles, slow down, safe driving. Good warning lights can expand the visual range of dangerous warning models, so that other drivers group more clearly see this prompt. So try to use the performance of good warning lights.

3. Security fixed security guard and police motorcycle patrol

When a lawless element wants to do an illegal event, he will be prevented from being affected by the unlawful action. The injured person can help him in a timely manner, play a wider range of acts of warning and restraint on the lawless elements, effectively control and reduce the crime, maintain social order and stability The Community and sidewalks have installed LED strobe lights, we can usually pay attention to see more, better protect themselves and their families.

4. like riding a bike travel friends

If you want to be convenient on the way, or tire puncture and some other circumstances, you will have to stop the car. And this time if it is a corner in the parking is a very dangerous thing, it is easy to cause traffic accidents. So this time more convenient LED warning light to play a key role. And not only the role of roadside warning, if necessary, can also be used as a lock to use.