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LED Warning Light Product Advantages
Oct 30, 2017

LED warning lights are used for mechanical equipment, roads, terminals and other environments with different colors of light display to convey the corresponding operation. Such as the road, the red light stop, green light line.

External: Top cover - Light shell - Mount ring - another color Light shell - Base (for multi-layer directly in the middle plus can)

Interior: each layer of light beads in series with the external light shell color corresponding, and then each layer of light beads in parallel, fixed on a pole

Compared to the traditional light source LED light it produces less heat, longer than the traditional lamp life

LED power 1 watt can replace the bulb of the eight watts, where the use of more energy efficient

What are the LED warning lights?

1, good visibility. LED lights in the continuous light, rain, dust and other harsh weather conditions, can still maintain a good visibility and performance indicators. LED light is a single color light, LED light issued by the direction, and a certain divergence angle, improve the light efficiency.

2, power saving. LED light source in the energy advantage is very obvious, one of its significant features is the low energy consumption, which is the application of the lamp is very meaningful. LED warning light is almost 100%, LED excitation energy to become visible light, compared to 80% of incandescent bulbs become heat loss, only 20% become visible light.

3, low heat. LED is directly from the electric energy into the light source, resulting in very low heat, almost no heat. LED warning light cooling the surface to avoid maintenance personnel burns, and can get a longer life.

4, long life Lamp work environment is relatively poor, cold and heat, sun and rain, and thus the reliability of the higher requirements of the lamp. General LED average life is 100000h.

5, fast response. LED multi-layer warning light is the response time is fast, thus reducing the occurrence of the accident. As the LED traffic warning lights in the city traffic in the important role, every year a large number of LED warning lights need to be updated, for the entire LED industry will also produce benign stimulation.