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LED Warning Light Correct Connection
Sep 30, 2017

1, to install the warning lights of the riders to remind: warning light is positive and negative, positive connection 58 port, the negative screw, otherwise it will not flicker.

2, open the T73-A must be careful operation, due to space is small, LED Warning Light poor waist students do not worry, slowly! How to see the specific photos.

3, the normal wiring method, wiring, one end of the screw, one end of the broken line then 58 port, once again broken line crossed the line, only normal flashing.

4, long row of warning lights correct connection is: loudspeaker red line then the engine input, positive black line engine input negative, normal flash mode: should be connected to the yellow line and white line will flash, LED Warning Light and then the blue line then call speaker , Male bus on the connector control flashing module

5, small warning lights generally connected to the red line corresponds to the battery cathode, black line corresponding to the battery anode, in addition to halogen rotation warning lights outside.

Warning lights, as the name implies, plays a warning role, LED Warning Light is generally used to maintain road safety, effective to reduce the occurrence of traffic safety accidents, but also to prevent potential insecurity. Under normal circumstances warning lights are usually used in police cars, construction vehicles, fire engines, emergency vehicles, to prevent management vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, tractors, emergency A / S cars, machinery and equipment development.

Under normal circumstances, the warning light is based on the type and use of the product can provide a variety of length of the product, there are shade combination of the structure, LED Warning Light the need for side of the direction of the lamp can be combined composite color. In addition, the warning light can also be based on the different forms of light, divided into: light bulb, LED flash, xenon lamp strobe, which is the form of LED flash light bulb lights to upgrade the form, longer life, more energy, Lower heat.

In these cases with warning lights what role?

For example, for the construction unit, the road construction should be lit when the warning lights, especially at night, the situation is unknown, it is easy to cause some accidents, LED Warning Light unfamiliar people can easily be tripped, but also cause traffic congestion , So the establishment of warning lights is very necessary and necessary.

Second, for the car driving on the road is the same, a long time in the course of occasional problems are very common, in the need to stop in the case of road maintenance, in order to ensure safety, the driver needs to put in the vehicle Fujian dangerous warning Lights to remind the vehicle to pay attention to the front of the new obstacles, slow down, safe driving. Good warning lights can expand the visual range of dangerous warning models, LED Warning Light so that other drivers group more clearly see this prompt. So try to use the good performance warning lights.

Of course, for those who like to ride a bike tour is no exception, if you want to be convenient on the way, or tire puncture and some other circumstances, you will have to stop the car. And this time if it is a corner in the parking is a very dangerous thing, it is easy to cause traffic accidents. LED Warning Light So this time more convenient LED warning light to play a key role. And not just the role of roadside warning, if necessary, can also be used as a lock to use.