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LED Warning Light Consideration
Sep 13, 2017

LED warning lights are used in mechanical devices, roads, docks and other environments to display the corresponding operation of the lights in different colors. As in the road, the red light stops and the green light stops.

In selecting the warning light, the following factors should be considered in the light of different situations such as the purpose and working environment.

A: according to the condition of the warning light, dark or bright;

B: the distance between the signal transmission and the distance but the visual need is good;

C: life expectancy, even if it is short, should be economical and even if there is a price burden, but it will be long.

D: the surrounding environment is hard to vibrate, the impact is strong and the surrounding environment is stable;

E: if the light source of the warning lamp is damaged, it will greatly affect the work or safety in the work, and the convenience of the use and maintenance of the product is convenient.

Depending on the surrounding environment and condition, therefore, to choose the products will be different, but also consider the maintenance convenience and economy generally consider the following content: the purpose of use, the content of the signal, the surrounding environment, economy, convenience maintenance and management.

LED warning lamp function

Luminescence options include: always bright, shiny, flash, often/shiny

Installation base includes: L rod, straight rod, folding, cylinder type

LED warning lamp structure

External: the top - lamp shell - 鉓 ring - another color lamp shell - base (for multilayer directly in the middle can)

Interior: connect each layer of light beads in series to the external light shell and then connect each layer of light beads in parallel to one of the poles

LED warning lamp advantage

LED lights produce less heat than traditional light sources and live longer than traditional bulbs

LED power 1 watt can replace the bulb eight watts, the use of the process is more energy efficient