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LED Warning Light Beauty And Functionality
Oct 31, 2017

I believe that everyone in the daily life which saw the warning lights, because this real people in some special circumstances in some special vehicles will be used to get such as police cars, LED Warning Light fire engines or engineering vehicles, etc., of course, LED Warning Light for this Warning light it is the main role is to give people warning, making these cars in the special time in the road where they can better deal with the problem, can save a lot of time to ensure that the timely resolution of some local problems. LED Warning Light Because these warning lights are used in special occasions and institutions, so the quality of the warning lights have a strict request.

1. Shape with European classic design style stable and generous, LED Warning Light originality, give you mechanical and dynamic equipment and solemn, enhance the product's aesthetic and functional. Highlight the unique personality and higher value, so that your product glow new highlights.

2. Material Kai Sheng multi-layer warning lights series shells are made of high-quality materials, LED Warning Light bright color and bright light, long time without aging fade.

3. Protection level - IP In order to ensure that products can be applied to all industries without restrictions, Kai Sheng LT series of multi-layer warning lights in the design and manufacturing process in strict accordance with the design process standard Huai, LED Warning Light to ensure that each product protection level can be achieved IP65, Meet your use requirements.

4. Personalization In this era of economic development, LED Warning Light market competition, you need more creative products, Kai Sheng multi-layer warning lights series of products to provide a variety of varieties for you to choose, respectively, for the LED multi-layer warning lights model LTA525. LED Warning Light LTA530.LTA505.LTA505.LTA505.LTA506.LTA507. LTA508.LTA509.LT50.LT70 and single-layer multi-color series LTA5001.LTA5002.LTE5085 light bulb series models have LTA205.LTA207.LTA209 allows you to have personalized products.

5. Variety Qisen series of multi-layer warning lights variety, according to the light source divided into halogen bulbs and LED light source, LED Warning Light according to the size of the diameter of 25mm- LTA525.30mm- LTA530.42mm- LTA503, LTA504.50mm- LT50.55mm- LTA505 , LTA506, LTA507.70mm- LT70.90mm- LTA509.100mm-LTA508 by function is always bright, flash type, often with a bee police, shiny with a beep, according to the installation of a variety of vertical, LED Warning Light side mounted , Wall-mounted, disc-type, flanged and foldable.