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LED Signal Light Signal Color Stabilization
Oct 11, 2017

Led signal light is used as the light source of led lighting, which is used for Toll Gate crossing, conducting vehicle traffic and ensuring safety. LED lights include traffic lights, traffic signs, traffic signs and traffic police officers, and a unified road traffic signal across the country.

Specific meaning

(1) traffic lights. Traffic lights are made up of red lights, green lights and yellow lights. A red light means a ban, a green light is allowed and a yellow light is a warning. The way the implementation regulations of RDB traffic lights can be divided into: light motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles lane lights, pedestrian signal lights, lights, direction indicator lights, flashing warning lights, road and rail plane crossing signals.

(2) traffic signs. Include knowledge signs, warning signs, injunctive signs, road signs, tourist area signs, road construction safety signs and auxiliary signs.

(3) traffic marking. It is divided into: indicating the marking line, warning marking and forbidding marking.

(4) the conductor of the traffic police. Traffic police officers are divided into: signal signals and traffic command signals using instruments.


High brightness and pure color

Convenient with lane or computer interface

It can last up to 80,000 hours

Use process to avoid maintenance

The power consumption is less than 10w

1. Low power consumption

Because the use of LED as the light source, compared with traditional light source (such as incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp) has low power consumption, energy saving advantage. Save 85% on energy.

2. Long life

The LED life is as high as 50,000 hours, 25 times that of incandescent bulbs, and the maintenance cost of the signal lamp is greatly reduced.

3. Signal color stability

The LED light source itself can emit the monochromatic light that the signal needs, the lens does not need to add color, so it does not produce the defect of the color fading of the lens. The company adopts LED light wavelength and light color according to the national traffic standard.

Avoid fake displays

Traditional light sources (such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps) in order to get a better match to the light, need to configure the reflective cup, and LED traffic light USES direct light, not as above, so brightness and range are significantly improved.

5. Structural design

Super thin structure design, beautiful appearance, fine workmanship.

Easy to assemble, remove and repair.

Use PC shell or stainless steel case with high strength and long life.