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LED Signal Light Long Life
Oct 30, 2017

led signal is made of light for the light source made of lights, for the toll station crossing, command vehicles access to ensure safety.

LED lights, including traffic lights, traffic signs, traffic marking and traffic police command, the implementation of a unified road traffic signal.

(1) traffic lights. Traffic lights from the red light, green light, yellow light composition. The red light indicates that the traffic is prohibited, the green light indicates permission, and the yellow light indicates the warning. "Traffic Regulations Regulations" will be divided into traffic lights: motor vehicle lights, non-motor vehicle lights, pedestrian cross lights, lane lights, direction lights, flash warning lights, road and rail crossroads signal lights.

(2) traffic signs. Including knowledge signs, warning signs, ban signs, road signs, tourist area signs, road construction safety signs and auxiliary signs.

(3) traffic marking. Divided into: indicator line, warning mark, prohibit marking.

(4) traffic police command. Traffic police command is divided into: gesture signal and the use of equipment traffic command signal.


Low power consumption

As a result of the use of LED as a light source, compared to traditional light sources (such as incandescent, halogen) has low power consumption, energy saving advantages. Saving energy by 85%.

Long life

LED life of up to 50,000 hours, 25 times the incandescent lamp, so that the maintenance cost of the signal greatly reduced.

3. Signal color is stable

LED light source itself can send a signal needs monochromatic light, the lens does not need to add color, it will not produce lens color fading caused by defects. The company uses LED lights wavelength and light color according to national traffic standards.

4. Avoid false display

Traditional light sources (such as incandescent, halogen) in order to get a better light distribution, need to configure the reflective cup, and LED traffic lights with direct light, not the above situation, so the brightness and range are significantly improved.

5. Structural design

Ultra-thin structure design, good looks, fine craftsmanship.

Easy assembly, disassembly, maintenance.

Use PC shell or stainless steel shell, high strength, long life.