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LED Signal Light Correct Scope And Application Limitations
Oct 23, 2017

Arrowhead lights are a signal indicator for "lane-specific assignments" to the lane, LED Signal Light so the arrows should not be set up in general. If set, it must be ensured that there is no conflict between the traffic flow in the direction of the arrow and the other traffic flow.

Arrow lights can generally be set to triple lights, LED Signal Light by the red arrow lights, yellow arrow lights, green arrow lights combined, the power of each light-emitting unit is generally not greater than 15W.

Arrow lights vertical installation is for the left lane signal, but also horizontal installation, is the lane control signal.

Their colors from top to bottom, from left to right order are red, yellow, green.

Arrow signal indicating the meaning of the signal:

1, green arrow lights, allowing the vehicle to follow the direction of the arrow to pass, at this time, with any of its traffic flow should be Xi'an is a red light, LED Signal Light green arrows direction of the vehicle has an absolute right to travel;

2, yellow arrow lights, the vehicle has crossed the parking line can continue to pass, while warning the driver, there may be conflicting with the route of the vehicle, play a warning, the role of security;

3, when the red arrow lights, LED Signal Light prohibit the traffic lane forward;

4, arrow lights Arrow direction to the left, up or down, respectively, to the right that turn left, straight, turn right.

It should be noted that the above vertical left turn arrow lights can only be used if there is no other traffic flow in the case of a dedicated left-turn lane on the road and under the condition of "protected left turn". LED Signal Light Therefore, this three arrow lights do not apply to the "allowable left turn phase" situation. If you want to use only three arrows signal all not bright, only by the circular signal.

China's current traffic lights around the city lights are very confusing, many traffic management departments do not understand the arrow lights: "unique right" concept, LED Signal Light it is not clear the correct range of its settings and application limitations. Usually used to indicate that all signals at the intersection are applied with arrow lights to indicate left, straight and right traffic. LED Signal Light As these traffic management departments on the arrow signal "unique road" concept is not clear, resulting in the arrow lights under the instructions of the existence of serious traffic safety problems. Such as the left turn arrow signal, while the other side of the straight arrow and pedestrian signal, resulting in left traffic flow and straight vehicles, LED Signal Light pedestrians and bicycles traffic conflict; in the right turn signal, while opening the pedestrian signal, causing the right turn Car and pedestrian pedestrian, bicycle conflict and so on. LED Signal Light These serious traffic safety problems are hidden dangers of vicious traffic accidents. In principle, these traffic safety problems caused by the traffic lights caused by traffic safety hazards and accidents will cause the traffic management department in the court accident handling all the legal responsibility of the risk.