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LED - Design And Functionality
Mar 29, 2017

LEDs are tiny in size yet great in performance. They combine various technologies in a very smallest space. Here you can learn more about the design and functionality of these innovative "mini lights".

LED Design
LED lights and LED systems basically consist of three components:

LED - Design and Functionality.jpg

Component 1: The LED
The LED chip is at the core. To protect it against environmental influences, the chip is mounted in a housing. This housing also determines the LED’s radiation pattern through the primary lens.

Component 2: The circuit board
The individual LEDs are mounted on the circuit board. The LEDs are bonded to the control electronics through the conductors. The substrate ensures the heat dissipation.

Component 3: The secondary optics
Secondary optics such as lenses, reflectors or diffusers are mounted on the circuit board and complete the LED solution.

LED Functionality
LEDs convert electrical energy – in other words electricity – into light. Professionals call this process "electroluminescence". Even a small amount of energy is sufficient to make the semiconductor emit light. LEDs can switch very quickly from emitting light to not doing so. The LED light can be clocked into the MHz range. The human eye cannot register such high speeds – the light is therefore perceived as diminished, depending on the duty cycle. This effect is used for dimming LED lights through Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM).

LED Partners for all applications
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Optical Solutions – reflectors and lenses for optimal light distribution The LED Light for you network will help you find partners for standard optics as well as for developing and producing customer-specific optics. They can support you with made-to-measure solutions for customizing the LED light distribution.

LEDs generate heat. This affects their optical and electrical properties as well as their light flux and service life. The LED Light for you Partner can assist you in these fields:

1. Thermal management engineering
2. Engineering and manufacturing of heat sinks
3. Thermal management for substrates
4. Development of thermal interface materials

LEDs are operated by the electronic and the controls. This makes additional functionality possible in order to differentiate your product from the competition. But that’s not all. It also makes smart applications such as hands-free operation and motion detectors possible. Our distinguished partners offer you these solutions:

1. LED-power supply and driver
2. Electronics and control technology
3. Electronics manufacturing services
4. LED driver ICs

The system integrators are the full-service providers among the partners in the LED Light for you. They offer complete LED system solutions. The advantage for you is that everything comes from a single source – the optical, thermal and electronic skills are bundled. Whatever LED idea or LED lighting project you may have: our partners can support you in the implementation.
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