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How To Install Led Warning Lightbar
Sep 13, 2017

When you’ve got your warning led lightbars from Sanmak, then you’re ready to roll and now you need it installed.

Install a LED warning lightbar onto the top of your car to add strobe lights for your vehicle by the bracket mounting or the magnetic mounting.

You have several options for installation. You can buy it and have it installed by a professional at any service station, call your friends who has installation knowledge or install it yourself.

Is Your Light Legal? Hopefully, you already checked local and state regulations regarding the use of warning lights and color on your vehicle. If not, do so now to avoid having to remove it or alter the mounting.

After unpacking the lightbar assembly, inspect it for damage that may have occurred in transit. If the unit has been damaged, do not attempt to install or operate it. File a claim immediately with the carrier, stating the extent of damage. Carefully check all envelopes, shipping labels, and tags before removing or destroying them.

Check the Parts List. If you have researched various LED warning lightbar reviews, you probably noticed that a few buyers received opened packaging with parts missing. Make sure everything you expected to be in the box is actually there.

Before proceeding, ensure that the lightbar has been installed on the vehicle roof in accordance with the instructions packed with the mounting kit. The lightbar is completely wired at the factory and does not require any additional internal wiring. All the conductors necessary for control of any and all basic and optional functions are contained in the cable.The basic light functions of the unit must be controlled by a user-supplied control head.

Testing the
LED Lightbar. Connect your warning lightbar directly to the vehicle battery or another DC voltage source as soon as you open the box. If you use a power supply, make sure its voltage output is within the lightbar’s specs. Also, make sure it can supply the maximum current your light bar draws.Connect the lightbar’s red wire to the positive side of the battery or power supply and the black wire to the negative terminal. If the light does not work, you need to take care of this problem before continuing with the installation.

Clean off the mounting surface where you are going to install the LED light bar on your truck with rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth.

After securing the mounting brackets or magnetic to your vehicle, you are then ready to mount the light to the mounting brackets with the second set of screws. Remember to make a good strong connection, but don’t over tighten as this can lead to cracking. After you have secured everything, give the device a little shake to make sure it’s well connected. You don’t want it to fall off later while you are driving.

After mounting is completely finished, you are ready for wiring it. Please make sure if you have installed it in the top area that it is 100% secure. Begin by connecting the light to your relay switch. Connect the red wire on the light to the red wire on the switch. Do the same for the black to black wires. You can either solder them together or use butt connectors. When finished, wrap the connections with electrical tape. Remember to route your wires away from high heat areas.

Then connect the wires from the relay switch to your car’s battery. Remember to add a fuse between the switch and battery. In the event there is a power surge, it will pop the fuse rather than damage the product. The red goes to the positive terminal and the black to the negative terminal.
Finally, switch it on and step back to admire your work. Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed your strobe LED lightbar installation!

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