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Detection Lights Usage Of
Aug 04, 2017

Greek Union parallel light detection lamp and the Japanese light house lights almost no difference, Detection Lights this section of the surface defect inspection lights, Detection Lights the use of appropriate light source, in the workpiece surface reflects the light path, making the operator can identify the surface of the workpiece dust, scratches , Burrs, bumps, ink and other defects. Mainly used for lenses, LCD glass, cell phone glass, mold, Detection Lights car, mobile phone protective film, flexible substrate, screen printing and other industries.

Light source strength up to 90000k, the minimum can detect 1μ surface dirt, Detection Lights than the traditional inspection lights, utility enhanced about 10 times;

Optional battery pack, light source mask, Detection Lights active arm, support frame, dimming device and other accessories to meet the staff of the fixed place or the use of mobile places;

The use of the human eye on the perception of light, can be done directly visual inspection, Detection Lights to provide quality inspection efficiency;

Light source strength, radiation area is wide, Detection Lights can be adjusted according to demand;

Cold light source inspection, does not damage the surface of the workpiece and the operator's health;

Low power, energy conservation.

It is composed of bulbs, bulbs, wires, alligator clips and other components. Detection Lights The test lamp can be made. Find a 12V / 35W (or 6V / 25W) bulb, Detection Lights in the lamp lamp on the welding of two different colors of plastic wire and two alligator clip, the detection lamp is completed. Detection Lights With the detection of light detection motor motorcycle circuit break fault than the multimeter convenient and intuitive.

Detection circuit circuit failure: open the ignition switch, Detection Lights the test light at one end of the ground, the detection of another crocodile clip clip a pin, the alligator clip on the pin into the plastic wire or plug into the connector on the terminal, Detection Lights such as electricity Stork rice folder road normal, the figure shows the light should be light; such as the test light does not light, indicating the circuit there is an open circuit failure.

If you check the motorcycle battery with a test light charging failure, Detection Lights you can remove the fuse fuse, the test light of the two alligator clip in parallel with the battery on the positive and negative to replace the battery. The engine is turned on and the lighting switch is turned on. When the engine speed in 4000 ~ 5000r / min, the test light issued a bright light, Detection Lights and the light intensity does not change with the engine speed changes, otherwise, that the motorcycle power supply system is faulty.