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LED Warning Light Actual Work
Jun 09, 2017

For better, faster,LED Warning Light  more direct road traffic safety tips to the masses around, recently, Helong Traffic Police Brigade for road patrol vehicles replaced LED display lights. At present, LED Warning Light the first batch of 8 police cars containing LED display lights have been equipped, you can broadcast traffic safety tips and road information at anytime and anywhere.

Recently, Helong Traffic Police Brigade in accordance with the actual work, for patrol police cars updated LED display lights, rolling broadcast traffic safety tips and road information. Night Patrol police cars rolling "strictly prohibit fatigue driving, no drink driving", in various accidents in many sections of the rolling "each line of its road, civilized comity, cautious driving" and other safety tips. LED Warning Light In case of rain and snow, road ice and other bad weather in time to broadcast "snow weather, high-speed closure please bypass", "Ice and Snow road, cautious driving" prompts, "Road traffic volume, please pay attention to control the speed of careful driving" and other road information. The use of LED display police lights, from the source of traffic safety propaganda and vehicle diversion, LED Warning Light not only effective realization of the source of the road control, but also greatly facilitate the mass traffic, by the community wide acclaim.

The warning lights around the arc streamline, LED Warning Light is the best innovative design to reduce wind resistance. Lampshade with impact strength, high thermal stability, good transmittance of the PC material processing, and through the advanced surface treatment process, so that the lamp shade high transmittance, not easy to fade, seismic, sand, scratch resistance, and good waterproof performance. The product ultra-thin design, beautiful appearance, small wind resistance, warning light area, with double warning effect, LED Warning Light can be layered control. Can be widely used in public security fire, ambulance engineering vehicles and other special areas.

1. Ultra-thin Double-layer light source structure design

Keep the double light source and the height is lower, LED Warning Light more conducive to low road environment and vehicles in the building through, two-layer light source design to make the full range of lighting warning effect to maximize the guarantee.

2, the latest optical design

The use of new LED lamps, with the latest optical design, increased the warning effect of the lamp, sealing performance reached IP65, the length of the lamp can be adjusted to 20cm per unit or increase or decrease customization.

3, the selection of new materials

The use of the latest high-performance imported engineering plastics, so that the optical output performance increased to more than 110%, while transparent shade of yellow to delay more than 2 years.

Long row warning light is a new development of a multi-function warning lights, with LED warning, display and alarm functions. The middle lamp part uses the ultrasonic welding craft, satisfies the lamp component IP65 waterproof request, the lamp component heat dissipation uses the aluminum board to embed in the plastic pc, reliably satisfies the high-power led heat dissipation request. LED Warning Light section of the use of rail-type connection, convenient installation, repair and replacement of fast, single lamp parts LED number can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

1. New design of high brightness

Using high-power led as the light source, can install 800-150w within the speaker, with reverse protection function, can be equipped with a new type of lamp tripod, can be equipped with a new MK33 module.

2, the performance stability conforms to the standard

Advanced light design, LED Warning Light stable performance, superior, the domestic market has no similar products; product design in line with: GB/T 13954-2009 "special vehicle marking lamps."

3, Flashing mode

Shan single light off; Shan double light off; Shan around alternately; Shan at the same time.